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Convert more open house leads into clients

Say goodbye to out-dated and error-prone notepads and say hello to a new, personal way to turn open house visitors into clients. 

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As an early adopter, we’ll give you 50 FREE boosts to instantly receive valuable information about open house leads straight into your CRM*. ​

A special offer for CAR members

Be one of the first to benefit from eSentry innovative technology that delivers enriched visitor data straight to your CRM the moment an open house visitor completes the short digital form. 


Drive more focused conversations with insights including visitors’:  

  • Wealth segment

  • Salary range

  • History with you

  • Employer

  • Social media, like LinkedIn

* Integrates with popular real estate CRMs including LionDesk, FollowUpBoss, Chime, Moxie. iOS and mobile web compatible 

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Fill your database with more qualified leads

eSentry takes you from questionable leads to highly qualified leads with no additional effort. 


You print and share a QR code


Open house visitors scan the code to access a digital form


Before you can even shake hands, their easily accessible and highly valuable enriched data is transferred to your CRM database


You have the tools to have more confident, informed conversations and build a strong, longer lasting relationship with prospective buyer, sellers and agents


Built for teams 

Build out your database with highly qualified leads even faster. With one eSentry membership, your entire team of agents can get access to Boosts for enriched leads at their open houses. And if you run out of Boosts, you can always add more. 

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